# Minimal Mode

    # Preparations

    1. Please confirm that the existing Kubernetes cluster meets the Prerequisites.

    2. In minimal mode, all components of Erda will be deployed as a single copy, which is only suitable for trial environment. For production environment, see High-Availability Mode.

    3. Add Erda Helm Chart repository and update.

      helm repo add erda https://charts.erda.cloud/erda
      helm repo update

    # Operations

    Run the following command to install Erda to the namespace erda-system and wait for all Erda components to be ready.

    helm install erda erda/erda -n erda-system --create-namespace


    • Speicify the identifier of the cluster where Erda is located by --set erda.clusterName, which is local-cluster by default。
    • The default access to Erda is erda.io, and you can specify it with --set global.domain.
    • If you cannot directly access the internal domain name (such as kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local) on the Kubernetes node, you need to specify node to install Registry with hostNetwork, and specify --set registry.custom.nodeIP="",registry .custom.nodeName="", otherwise the pipeline function is not available.
    • You can install the specified version of Erda via --version parameter, otherwise the latest version will be installed by default.

    # Verification


    Please provide the Erda namespace deployed, such as erda-system.

    You can run the following command to verify installation result:

    • Verify Erda status

      $ kubectl get erda erda -n erda-system
      erda   Running   create dice cluster success
    • Verify Erda dependencies

      $ kubectl get statefulset -n erda-system
      NAME                       READY   AGE
      erda-cassandra-dc1-rack1   1/1     72s
      erda-elasticsearch         1/1     77s
      erda-etcd                  1/1     77s
      erda-kafka                 1/1     77s
      erda-mysql                 1/1     77s
      erda-registry              1/1     77s
      erda-zookeeper             1/1     77s
      rfr-erda-redis             1/1     75s

    After verification, you need to make some simple configurations to access Erda. For details, see Configuration and Access.